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Our choices of backdrops for headshots are: gray, black, and white. You can also use one of our classic backdrops.  We can remove the background for those who might desire a "clear" background for presentations or selling products on line.

Example 1 Original

Example 1 cropped


Example 2 Original

Example 2 cropped

re-sized square

Example 3 Original

Example 4 Original

Example 4 cropped

re-sized rectangle

Example 3 cropped

re-sized square

Head Shot Clients:  HSP will give you 4 edited images with this service in the following dimensions: original, 8x10, rectangular (with or without negative space), and re-sized to a square.  We do this to accomodate your website or business needs.

Business Product Images:  HSP will give you an edit for each product photographed.

Business Websites/Portfolios/other:  HSP will give you 5 digital edits per full hour of service time. 

(Note:  Service times are paid per hour, one hour minimum.)