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 Are you planning on hanging a work of art as a central focal point? An accent piece can be custom made for you to fit any space. The best way to go about this would be to contact me for a consultation.  If you see something you like but would like it bigger or in a different color combination please note the title of the art piece before contacting me.  

Here is a trio made for behind a sofa: unframed and framed in two settings to give you a better perspective on how custom framed canvas gives the art a finished look.

Title of art: Phases Of The Moon

The title of this grouping is Phases Of The Moon.  They are three separate pieces; each 12x24 unframed. 

Mock Up
Mock Up Abstract Art

This is a mock set up of the 3 pieces custom framed above a sofa.  The pieces were hung diagonal to give it a more modern look. Framed, the dimensions are 13 x 25; they are approximately 2 1/4 inches apart

This is a mock set up of the 3 pieces custom framed above a bed. 

The approximate prices for something like this would be:

(1) 12 x 24 piece unframed $150.00; 13x25 custom framed $300.00.  

(3) 12 x 24 unframed pieces $425.00;

13 x 25 custom framed $855.00

Curious about your next custom commissioned piece? Contact me:

by phone 219-741-4513


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