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HSP is very happy to be partnering with Spring Creek Equestrian Center

This page is for informational purposes for boarders and students of spring creek equestrian center who will be participating in photo shoots at the center.  a portion of the proceeds collected will benefit the spring creek horses help foundation.  if you are not affiliated with the center but would like to donate to the foundation please click on the horse to be directed to their website.

By having your photo taken, you (the participant)and your parent or legal guardian, are automatically acknowledging that you agree to and understand the following: 

all photography done by Henry schultz photography, aka HSP, is intellectual property of hsp and may be used by hsp for advertising or promotional purposes without any consideration for payment to the client for use of their likeness.  we do not sell our images to third parties. 

All photographic images, either digital or print, are copyright protected property of © 2020 Henry Schultz Photography regardless of whether there is our watermark on the image/print or not. during these SCEC photo memory opportunities, no watermark will be placed on the image.

(during any formal portraiture shoots, Removal of a watermark is forbidden.)  

No digital images will be sold or given to any participants.  

no cameras, cell phone cameras, or video recording of these events is allowed.

Regarding these photo opportunities:  these specific photo memories at the equestrian center are not formal "portraiture". they are being made available to clients, riders, and boarders at a different price structure to help raise funds for the Spring creek horses help foundation.  there will be no post editing or image manipulation at all.  (just like when you get your photos taken with the easter bunny or Santa at the mall.) 

Welcome To The Team .jpg


photo shoot events require a $25.00 sitting fee for each single person or group 
set up.  you will receive 1- 5x7 and 4- wallets per sitting fee

the sitting fee is payable at the time of service.





these specially priced packages are available for purchase on the event day prior to your photo memory opportunity.





you may pay by cash, check made payable to Henry Schultz, credit card, or PayPal Invoice

Package Prices Will Be Available Closer To The Next Event Which Will Be: Easter Bunny and Pony Memories!


From the Winter 2019 Photo Shoot

If you have any further questions or concerns you may contact me via email at

Or call me at 1-219-741-4513



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